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Do you have limited space


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                 FJCD6  &  FJCD9    $54.99 & $74.99                   FJCD9-C  $99.99                              FJCD12-C   $134.99



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​We are changing the way Stores, Lodges and Sportsmen, around the world, are storing and displaying their flies & jigs.

 Our Skagit Wheel Displays are innovative space savers that are cost effective and attractive. 

There are three sizes:

1.  The Skagit 6" Display - available in vinyl only (6" x 8")

2.  The Skagit 9" Display - vinyl (9 x 10 1/4") and custom wood top

3.  The Skagit 12" Display - vinyl and custom wood top

4.  Personalize displays with your company logo - The Personalized Skagit Wheel Displays are available in a 6", 9" or 12".  A one time time set up fee of $50 will apply. 

For more information on this type of display please email or call  our shop at or (360) 941-4488