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        A Safe Way to Store your Rods


You have spent a lot of money on your fishing rods, so keep them safe.  No more storing your Rods by leaning them up against the corner of a room or in pieces in your Rod Tube.  They can get scratched or worse yet, broken.  Put them on the wall and display them like the works or art they are.

These racks are designed with special wall mounts so lies flush against the wall with no visible hardware showing.  Each side of the rack is held on with two screws (4 screws total).  All the hardware and instructions for installation are included.  You can set the Racks at whatever distance apart, depending on your the length of your Rods.

    The Skagit Spey/Fly Rod Rack



FJCD12 on picnic table 1.jpg 
This sleek design holds up to 4 Spey and/or Fly Rods. 
All in all,
it accommodates 4 Rods with each rod having
up to 4 segments for a total of 16 segments.  Each inlay
is lined with a black felt to protect your rods from scratches,
dings or rub marks

The Skagit Spinning Rod Rack



 FJCD12 on picnic table 1.jpg

The Spinning Rod Rack accommodates 5 Rods.  Each inlay
is lined with a black felt to protect your rods.